Home Support

Care giving for a loved one is difficult emotionally and physically exhausting.

Respite and assistance with activities of daily living is available to caregivers of people who suffer from chronic illnesses such as, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, cancer, and frail health.

Thanks to funding from l’Appui Montréal, caregivers of the elderly are eligible for respite services at reduced fees  or free respite (according to our criteria) for low income families or caregivers with a heavy burden.

No medical referral is needed. A NOVA nurse will visit the home and with the caregiver, will develop a plan of support for both the patient and the caregiver.

On a scheduled basis, trained NOVA home health aides will provide emotional support and help with personal hygiene, movement, exercises, treatment, medication and several other activities in the home.

Caregivers can take worry-free time off to run errands, keep appointments or simply relax.

Additional free hours of respite are available via our volunteer services. Please see our Volunteer section for more info.

Based on an assessment by a NOVA Montreal nurse, our home health aides can provide the following services:

Help with personal care

  • Baths: bed, sponge, tub, shower.
  • Hair: shampoo, shave, simple hair sets.
  • Mouth: brushing teeth, dentures.
  • Skin: general care, minor dressings.
  • Toileting: supervising schedule, changing soiled clothes.

Help with movement

  • Exercising: supervising prescribed program, different motion exercises.
  • Transfer: from or to bed/chair/wheelchair.
  • Accompany: walks, visits to doctor by bus or taxi.

Help with loss of independence

  • Activities to encourage physical and mental health (crafts, games).

Household help

  • Meals: preparing simple meals, assistance with feeding, light cleaning of the kitchen
  • Bed linen: changing on bath day, personal laundry (IF time and security permit).
  • Bathroom: tidying up after bathing.

Emotional Support

  • Active listening
  • Caregiver respite and emotional support

Treatments and Medications:

Upon request, specially trained health aides can help with:

  • Eye drops, ointments and creams: application as prescribed.
  • Constipation: inserting glycerine suppositories.
  • Urinary catheter: changing drainage bag.
  • Colostomy: changing bag except on new post-op cases.
  • Tube feeding
  • Oral medication: supervising and giving oral medication (from dosette box or prepared by family/nurse/pharmacist).

Our Home Health Aides cannot (non-exhaustive list):

  • Change sterile dressings.
  • Prepare or give medication by injection.
  • Give enemas and disempact stool.
  • Administer oral medication not prepared by family or nurse.
  • Provide foot-care for clients with diabetes, poor circulation, swollen feet or legs, infection (fungus or other).