Standards of Conduct

Employee Standard of Conduct

Honest and Ethical Behaviour
An employee/volunteer must not knowingly make false, inaccurate or misleading statements. Employees and volunteers will deal fairly with clients, co-workers and other individuals encountered during the course of their work. All individuals will be treated with respect regardless of race, creed, colour or financial status. The reputation of NOVA Montréal will be protected by all personnel.

Gifts and Benefits
Employees/volunteers of NOVA Montréal will not accept, solicit nor offer gifts of money or items of significant value from clients. You may accept a non-monetary gift such as chocolate on special occasions. Employees/volunteers will not solicit clients from NOVA for their own personal gain.

Employees/volunteers of NOVA Montréal will respect the privacy of others. Confidential information will be protected at all times. Employees/volunteers must not use information accessed through the course of their employment for personal gain.

Use of Property
Equipment and supplies provided by NOVA Montréal to the employee shall not be used for any other purpose than the use intended by NOVA Montréal.

Conflict of Interest
The primary business loyalty of employees shall be NOVA Montréal. Any conflict of interest should be disclosed as soon as it is known.

Professional Behaviour
All employees and volunteers shall behave in a professional and courteous manner. Employees will wear the basic colours of navy blue and white when working with the client and while representing the organization to the public. Employees/volunteers will dress in a conservative manner, keeping in mind the work required to be done. For example: casual business attire is acceptable; décolletage, jeans, leggings, short shorts or miniskirts are not acceptable. Individuals are identified as employees of NOVA Montréal by wearing the organization’s pin and the identification badge. Perfume, scented creams are to be avoided.

Nova Montréal expects to enjoy the loyalty of its employees. Breaches in this trust constitute grave fault and may result in dismissal.

All employees are expected to obey the laws of Canada and the province of Quebec and to respect the standards set forth by the provincial professional regulating bodies.