NOVA Montréal is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organization. As one of the founding branches of the Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada, we have provided in home nursing care to the Montréal community since 1898.

In 2006, after VON Canada decided to restructure into a single administrative national entity, our affiliation with the national organization was severed and our named changed to NOVA Montréal. Our services and our commitment to our community remain unchanged. The team at NOVA Montreal is fuelled by the humanitarian values of an organization that has worked through two world wars, two turn of the centuries and the evolution of our healthcare system.

We are dedicated to identifying unmet healthcare needs in the community and continue our tradition of caring by providing in-home nursing and support services that help people remain autonomous and in the comfort of their own homes as long as possible. Our goal is to enable those in need to maintain their independence at home in secure and familiar surroundings as long as possible.

Who are we?

A pioneer in community nursing, NOVA Montréal was one of the first organizations to offer in 1988, in-home respite to caregivers of cognitively impaired persons. NOVA Montréal is there to help with the ever-increasing needs of the frail elderly, and to help people cope with the long-term effects of chronic illnesses such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and others. Trained and compassionate support workers provide home support services.

Foot care clinics were established beginning in 1990 in partnership with other community organizations, to provide basic foot care to the elderly and other clients having difficulty caring for their own feet. If the feet are comfortable, the individual is more likely to be physically active. If an individual is physically active they are likely to be in good health.

In 1992, we established our in-home Palliative Care service for people living with the end stages of a cancer. Our nurses provide specialized nursing care, help with symptom management and pain control and support for families of individuals in the terminal phase of cancer. The nurses are available for consultation 24 hours a day, seven-days a week.

A partnership developed in 1997 between NOVA Montréal and Dans la rue. A NOVA nurse works with the Montreal street youth at the Chez Pops Dans La Rue Day Center.

In collaboration with the Montreal Children’s Hospital in the year 2000, we began a pilot project, which rapidly developed into a service to provide desperately needed in-home respite for parents coping with the challenges of 24-hour care of their chronically ill or disabled pre-school age children.

In 2009, we saw the implementation of a specialized clinic for Foot Care for high risk feet. A nurse with advanced training in foot care provides care to people whose feet are at risk of developing complications.

In 2013, NOVA eliminated the foot care program and affiliation with Dans la rue in order to shift much needed resources to our existing programs.

In 2014, at the venerable age of 116, NOVA Montréal is still continuing its work in the community. Our financial challenges for the upcoming years include limited free hours of service per year for our Palliative and Children’s Respite programs due to limited funding, and increasing operating cost. By making a tax-credit donation, you will be helping NOVA Montréal maintain the quality and availability of our services to meet the increasing needs of our clients and the community.