Commitment to Quality


NOVA Montréal has always been committed to providing services, which insured the quality of care and the safety of all involved. The mission, the core values and the code of ethics of our organization reinforce our commitment to ongoing improvement, the quality of our services by making it our priority. (See Policy of ongoing improvement of quality).

For this reason, a quality management approach allows NOVA Montréal to develop activities, resources and operational structures demonstrating its commitment to safety and quality at all levels of the organization.

Our commitment to quality, safety and ethics is a responsibility which must be shared by all players involved in the services provided by NOVA Montréal; members of the Board of Directors, clients, members of the client’s family, caregivers, employees, volunteers, administrators and students.

NOVA Montréal’s quality improvement plan is designed to objectively, systematically and continuously supervise, evaluate and improve the quality and the relevance of the services provided by the organization.


NOVA Montréal undertakes to promote and maintain the health and the well-being of its clients and employees; to meet with satisfaction, within the means available, the expectations and needs of the clients, and by using the most efficient and safest practices, in accordance with the norms and policies of NOVA Montréal.


NOVA Montréal has enrolled in a process of Accreditation with the “Conseil Québécois d’Agrément” (CQA) as a means for continuous quality improvement within a formal structure, thus allowing an evaluation of every aspect of quality commitment.


  • The Board of Directors and administration of NOVA Montréal agree to assume leadership in a culture of commitment to quality, safety and ethics regarding our care and services. They emphasize a philosophy of continuous quality improvement and the participation of all employees, volunteers and students in a mutual and integrated vision of quality, safety and professional ethics. Together they uphold the values demonstrated by those who are involved on a daily basis in the provision of care and services to clients.
  • The Board of Directors and administration of NOVA Montréal acknowledge that the safety of all persons involved is an ongoing concern. Therefore, concrete measures are implemented to conform to approved norms.
  • The Board of Directors and administration of NOVA Montréal also acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the client and agree to ensure their promotion.