Children’s Respite Program – Service that provides respite for parents of chronically ill children under school age (0-6 years old). Children are either physically and/or intellectually handicapped. We provide support to combat isolation and depression often associated with the caregiving role and assist in maintaining the quality of life of the family. Our services are limited to the territory of NOVA Montréal.

Volunteer’s Role – Volunteers will be matched (according to compatibility, availability, etc.) with a family who has a child with a disability at the family’s home. S/he is expected to schedule weekly visits (min. 3 hours) to animate activities and actively engage the child in play, while providing respite for the caregiver. An Activity Report is to be submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator every month.

Home Support/Palliative Care - Services that provide emotional and psychosocial support to individuals having difficulties due to a loss of physical and/or cognitive autonomy. The program aims to provide respite to caregivers of  people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, cancer, and frail health.

Volunteer’s Role – Volunteers will be matched with a client at their family’s home. He or she is responsible for finding activities appropriate for the client’s state. The volunteer can perform small tasks in the absence of the caregiver (these tasks must be discussed in advance with the Volunteer Coordinator and the caregiver). You will schedule regular visits and be expected to submit an Activity Report to the Volunteer Coordinator on a monthly basis.


• Notifies family of any visit cancellation 24hrs in advance

• Maintains confidentiality

• Parents of children are not to leave their residence while NOVA volunteer is present

• Informs Volunteer Coordinator and the family of any changes in current situation

• Attends support group meetings for volunteers

• Reports to the Volunteer Coordinator of any difficulties that may arise

• Completes self-evaluation

Time Commitment: Minimum of three hours a week, for a minimum duration of 6 months.

Training: The volunteer is required to attend an orientation session, plus training sessions (# of hours dependent on program chosen). Volunteer is also expected to attend peer support group meetings scheduled as necessary.

Location: Orientation and training on site. Visits at client’s home within the NOVA Montréal territory.


• Previous related work experience is an asset

• Bilingual (English/French)

• Satisfactory police record check

• Two satisfactory references (professional and/or academic)


• Able to work independently and as part of a team

• Demonstrates an ability to develop good interpersonal relationships

• Excellent oral communication skills

• Creative

• A person of integrity, honesty and trustworthy

• Good time management

• Flexibility